Casper Horluck

2nd engineer

Casper is 30 years old and grew up in north Denmark. Before deciding to become a seaman he was in the military protecting and serving in the Danish Queens Royal Life Guard in Copenhagen and then went on to study a Bachelor of Technology Management and Marine Engineering from MARTEC Frederikshavn, Denmark. He then joined the commercial shipping industry where he started his career working for Royal Arctic Line and was signed on to the containership M/S Mary Arctica as 3rd then 2nd Engineer. M/S Mary Arctica’s route took Casper between Aalborg and Greenland every winter, and also a trips to Antarctica to transport supplies to the research teams there. Wanting to see and enjoy more destinations such as this, Casper decided to make the jump into a career in yachting. Casper is very easy going and likes to take time to enjoy new destinations and meeting new people. He is very sports orientated and in his spare time he likes to go running regularly and has completed almost a dozen marathons, several triathlons and a couple of Ironman competitions, he also loves to play golf!